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What about my failures? [Discovering, pt 6 / 6]

What does it take for God to be done with us? When does God finally give up on, not only using us for something good, but even seeing us being worth the effort to keep around and keep forgiving? The truth is ridiculous, illogical, and amazing.

Episode Breakdown

00:00 Does God give up on us?
00:50 Quick disclaimer
02:38 Failures that cling to us
04:00 How Jesus treats our failures
05:30 The story of Peter
08:30 Our failures don’t surprise Jesus
13:00 How we grow
15:06 Not about what we can or can’t do
17:38 Where our focus should be
19:13 When others fail us
20:09 This week’s challenge
22:28 Questions and stuff

Main Points:

  • Experience tells us failure leads to rejection. 
  • Jesus embraces and renews our failures. 
  • When our confidence is based on our intentions and abilities, failure is not far behind. 
  • Our failures don’t surprise Jesus. 
  • Jesus doesn’t view us through OUR performance, he views us through HIS never-ending love. 
  • Jesus’ love gives us the space and ability to grow from our failures. 
  • Our failures are not stronger than Jesus’ love and plan for us.
  • When we are focused on following Jesus, it’s difficult to focus on our past.
  • When we can stop looking at our failures we can see the good God wants us to give to others.
  •  Jesus‘ love eclipses our failures.

Weekly Challenge:
Read: Ephesians 2:8-9
Pray: Jesus, thank you for loving me, accepting me, restoring me. Help me to stop looking back at my failures and look ahead by following you and loving those you send into my path, especially those who fail me. 


  1. How have you seen God’s love this week?
  2. Jon said, “Our failures are not stronger than Jesus’ love and plan for us.” When have you experienced this personally, or watched it happen for others?
  3. Read Ephesians 2:8-9. What stands out to you personally? What stands out to you in terms of God’s view of our failures?
  4. What good (small or big) do you feel God might be showing you that he wants you to give to others? What are some next steps you can take?
  5. How can your group pray for you this week?




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