Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What does a disciple look like? [Mark 3:7-19]

We are products of our influences. We like what we like and think what we think mostly because someone told us it was the right thing to like and the right thing to think. The Story of Jesus gives us the ability to clearly and purposely reevaluate our life’s influences and rewrite our own stories.

Main Points:
[00:44] We are products of our influences.
[02:27] We have the ability to choose to add new inputs and eliminate others.
[06:15] We can follow Jesus as a healer and philosopher or we can follow him as our leader and King.
[08:28] Jesus didn’t come to give us nice teachings, he came to give us a revolution.
[10:00] A disciple chooses to be purposely influenced by Jesus in such a way that they eventually say and do the same things Jesus did.
[12:24] To be like Jesus we have to be with Jesus.
[13:48] Discipleship isn’t knowing about Jesus’ life. It’s becoming like Jesus in our life.
[15:00] You know you are a disciple of Jesus because you are purposely practicing it.
[18:37] Everything changes when we allow our story to be fully influenced by the Story of Jesus.

To be a disciple of Jesus…
– Decide to accept Jesus’ invitation
– Ask him to teach and guide you
– Follow him

Discussion Questions:
1. What stood out, bothered, or resonated with you in this week’s message?
2. What fictional character do you think Jesus would use as an example of what it looked like to be his disciple?
3. Jon talked about the distinction between a fan of Jesus and a disciple of Jesus. How would you define the difference between the two? Which one do you see yourself as right now?
4. Read Colossians 3 v17. Reflect on the influences in your life. Do you feel satisfied with where they have led you? Are there any influences you feel you need to eliminate or add to align more closely with being a disciple of Jesus?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?


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