Crosscreek Community Church
Crosscreek Community Church
What does God care about? [Mark 7:1-23]

What does God actually care about? How can we ever know for sure? When we find the answer we discover what life is truly about.

[01:08] When we care about something we assume God cares about it too.
[01:42] When we discover the true heart of Jesus we discover what God truly cares about.
[09:33] Religious rules and traditions can often be used to control and conform.
[10:52] Jesus refused to conform to other people’s religious and social expectations.
[12:06] How we love is more important than the rules and traditions we make up for ourselves.
[16:27] Rules and traditions can never change our heart.
[17:54] A heart shaped and molded by Jesus’ love doesn’t need rules and traditions
[23:35] When our hearts are transformed by Jesus we begin to care about what God cares about.

[22:15] Memorize and Pray Psalm 51 v.10
[22:35] Ask: What does Jesus’ love look like?

1. What do you think are some common assumptions people make about what God cares about? What assumptions have you made?
2. Why do you think humans tend to be drawn to rules and traditions?
3. Have you ever seen someone prioritize rules and traditions over people? What was the result?
4. Read Galatians 5 vv.16-25. What are some practical steps we can take this week to allow our hearts to be shaped by and in Jesus’ love?
5. How can your group pray with you this week?



4:30pm on Sundays.

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4:30pm on Sundays


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