Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What does God want from me? [Discovering, pt 3/6]

What does God want from you? To submit to him and obey his rules? Honestly, that sounds a bit horrible. Does he want you to be holy and righteous? What does that even mean and how would we even measure that? Maybe we’ve missed something.  Maybe what God wants from us isn’t what we think it is at all.

Episode Breakdown
00:00 Well… what DOES he want?
01:00 We’re a mess.
02:30 Rules don’t fix anything
03:30 God wants to restore but not through rules
05:20 God makes the first move
09:30 Maybe the most crucial thing, and we often miss it
12:55 The answer to fixing it
16:06 When our relationship becomes real
17:38 This week’s challenge
19:00 Gathering dates

Main Points
– Many of us think all that God wants from us is to stay clean by following his rules.
– Rules don’t clean us up. They only bring consequences and guilt.
– God doesn’t use rules to clean us. He offers a relationship to restore us.
– God makes the first move toward us.
– God bases relationships on his love for us, not rules.
– Complete reconciliation with God comes from a single act of trust.
– God is pursuing you. And he is only asking that you trust him.
– God wants a restored and trusting relationship FOR you.

This week’s challenge
Read Romans 4:1-5, or the whole chapter.
“God, I trust you.”

Discussion Questions

  1. What was a low and a high in your week… how did you see God’s love in those experiences?
  2. What stood out to you in this week’s message? What push back, encouragement, or questions came to your mind?
  3. Jon said, “God doesn’t use rules to clean us. He offers a relationship to restore us.” Why do you think we can be tempted to turn to rules instead of relying on a relationship?
  4. Take turns as a group reading Romans 4:1-8 (or the whole chapter) out loud. What words or ideas stand out to you as you think about this passage?
  5. Is there an area of your life that you are needing to tell God, “I trust you?” How can your group pray with you and for you in this?



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