Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What does money have to do with faith? [The Art of... pt 6]

It is possible to really see concrete proof that God sees you, knows you, cares for you, and is intimately involved in your life. This kind of life… this kind of faith and trust comes from practicing the Art of Following Jesus… And Jesus said there was one practice that grows our faith like nothing else.

Main Points:
[01:45] Generosity is the key practice that both strengthens and proves our trust in God.
[02:30] Greedy people are miserable people. Generous people are happy people.
[03:42] Life isn’t measured by what we get for ourselves but by what we generously give to others.
[05:22] The first step in practicing generosity is acknowledging God owns everything.
[06:13] Fear of not having our “enough” keeps us from experiencing the life Jesus offers.
[09:00] Contentment is the antidote to fear and the source of generosity.
[11:40] Frugality frees us to be generous.
[12:10] How we use our money shows what we truly value.
[13:30] Citizens of the Kingdom of God live and spend differently than citizens of other kingdoms.
[14:30] The Tale of Five Actual Families.
[22:25] We are never more like Jesus than when we give for the good of someone else.

Invitation: [17:05]
In the next 90 days take a step toward greater generosity.

Discussion Questions:
1. What stood out, bothered, confused, or motivated you in this week’s message?
2. Why do you think talking about money can be such a sensitive topic? What do you think are common barriers that keep people from being as generous as they may want to be?
3. Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. What stands out to you? Do any other Scriptures or principles come to mind in reading this?
4. In what ways can you practice frugality and trust that God will take care of your needs… this week? Month? In the next 90 days?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?



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