Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What is God’s purpose for my life? [The Art of... pt 3]

According to Jesus, your life has infinite importance. You aren’t here by mistake. You were made on purpose for a purpose. That purpose is only fully realized and experienced when we practice the art of following Jesus.

Main Points:
[00:51] A full life is a life full of purpose.
[01:55] When we discover the purpose of following Jesus we discover the purpose of our lives.
[03:51] We discover true life within the Kingdom of God.
[04:38] We can discover the Kingdom of God but not actually live like citizens of the Kingdom of God.
[06:45] Following Jesus means devoting our lives to bringing the Kingdom of God to the people in our lives
[08:15] When we are devoted to the purpose of Jesus we discover purpose in every part of our life.
[09:40] The art of following Jesus trains us to focus our life on the purpose of Jesus… others.
[12:50] (Radio Tower explanation)
[16:54] We have an unbelievable opportunity to live for an unbelievable purpose
[17:30] In the Kingdom of God the King’s purpose is our life’s purpose.

Invitation: [15:40]
Read: Matthew 5 vv14-16
Pray: Holy Spirit, please show me two people you want me to influence for the Kingdom. Show me my next step in following you.
Plan: Write 2 names. Pray. Act.

Discussion Questions:
1. Jesus used the word picture of fishing for people to describe his purpose for his followers. What word picture would you use?
2. Jon said, “When we are devoted to the purpose of Jesus we discover purpose in every part of our life.” Have you seen this play out in your own journey? If not, what do you think this could look like?
3. Read Matthew 5 vv14-16 and Luke 15 vv1-10. What stands out? What do these passages show you about God’s heart?
4. Who might be your “two” that God is revealing to you? What is your next step in the art of following Jesus for this week’s practice?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?



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