Together #forSalem
What is the Bible? -- Together #forSalem (ep 73)

The Bible. No matter what that phrase brings to mind, we can’t deny that this book has had a huge impact on our society. But what is it? Where did it come from? And what’s the big deal anyway?

Episode Breakdown:
00:38 Quick Hello! Hello.
01:09 What IS the Bible? w/ Jon
04:40 I. The Basics
06:30 II. Old Testament
09:30 III. New Testament
14:30 IV. Reliable?
18:45 V. So What?
25:50 VI. Is this you?
28:30 Giveaways & Goodbyes
31:50 Questions, Outtakes, & a quick song-ette w/ the “band”

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▶ Notes & Questions:
▶ Transcript:

▶ Ask for Prayer or Questions:

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September 12 & 24, Location TBD

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▶ Suggested Bible Readings:
Hebrews 8
Galatians 3:1-14

▶ Additional Resources:
Irresistible- Andy Stanley
Jesus and the Eyewitnesses- Richard Bauckham
The Problem of God- Mark Clark
Can We Trust the Gospels?- Peter J. Williams
The Canon of Scripture- F.F. Bruce
The Dating of the New Testament- Norman Geisler:
How Can the Bible be Authoritative- N.T. Wright:

▶ Music we listened to making this episode:
Live- T.B.D:
The Kid LAROI- Without You:
Salt of the Sound- As the Mist Clears:

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