Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What is the "unforgivable sin?" [Mark 3:20-35]

The idea of an “unforgivable sin” has caused a lot of anxiety and worry for centuries. But what is it? And what does it have to do with the Story of Jesus?

Main Points:
[01:08] Our identity is the driving force of our lives
[01:50] If we can understand who we are we can understand our place in the world
[03:36] Jesus’ big claims of his true identity created some truly big reactions
[06:43] The identities we create for ourselves can blind us to the realities around us
[10:01] Jesus claimed to be the beginning of God’s great rescue invasion to save humanity
[13:32] If we don’t accept Jesus’ real identity we can never find our true identity
[15:36] In the new family of Jesus our primary identity is Jesus
[17:22] The question of Jesus’ identity is a question we must all personally answer
[19:03] We are all invited to base our core identity on the most loving, joyful, and powerful person to ever live… Jesus
[22:52] We find the life Jesus offers now when we choose to accept the identity he offers now

Answer the question of Jesus’ identity for yourself.
Identify any identities you have placed above your identity as a member of Jesus’ family.
Do the will of God: Live out your love of and trust in Jesus through your love of others.

Discussion Questions:
If you were a type of restaurant what would you be and why?
How do you think the reactions to Jesus’ identity claims by his family (he’s crazy) and the religious leaders (he’s evil) compare to people’s reactions to Jesus and his followers today? Why do you think they react this way?
Can you share an experience where your identity in Jesus influenced the way you responded to a person and/or situation?
Read Colossians 3 vv.1-4. What other identities or priorities do you think might be competing with your identity as a member of Jesus’ family? In what situations and ways can you make Jesus your primary identity this week?
How can your group pray with you this week?



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