Crosscreek Community Church
Crosscreek Community Church
Who is the Holy Spirit? [So, what about... The Holy Spirit, pt 1]

The Holy Spirit is the most important and most misunderstood part of following Jesus. So who or what is the Holy Spirit? What difference can the Holy Spirit really make in our lives?

Main Points:
01:26 The Holy Spirit is the source of the life Jesus offers.
03:04 The Holy Spirit is the most important and most misunderstood part of following Jesus.
06:45 The point isn’t to UNDERSTAND the Holy Spirit but to know the Holy Spirit.
10:58 β€œThe Spirit is the agent of God’s activity.” -Gordon Fee
12:12 The Spirit of God is the personal presence of God himself.
14:41 The Holy Spirit unleashes the life of Jesus into the darkness and chaos of the world.
17:13 This week’s goal- Be aware the Spirit is there.
18:46 God wants us to experience a life empowered by and filled with the Holy Spirit

Discussion Questions:
1. What has been your experience and/or understanding of the Holy Spirit so far in your life?
2. What would you want to explore in regards to the Holy Spirit? What do you hope to gain from this series?
3. Read John 3:3-8. How comfortable are you with the idea of not being able to fully understand the nature of the Holy Spirit? Why do you think that is?
4. If you were able to clearly see and experience the Holy Spirit living in and with you what difference do you think that would make for you?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?



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