Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Why did Jesus teach in parables? [Mark 4:1-20]

Why did Jesus use parables? What do they even mean? In this short section of Jesus’ parables in Mark, Jesus is doing a little show and tell for his audience. He invites us into a new way of seeing and experiencing life in the Kingdom of God. This week (in the parable of the Sower) we’ll do some soil analysis and find that our “soil” determines our experience in the Kingdom of God.

Video Content:
[00:39] What to expect…
[01:30] Exercise 1: FOOD
[03:00] Exercise 2: DIRT
[05:25] How’s our soil today?
[06:45] The parable – what and how
[09:34] The parable Jesus tells
[10:30] Exercise 3: Reflection
[11:14] Jesus explains the parable… kinda
[15:00] Why this parable is foundational.
[16:00] A practice: Franciscan Reading
[18:00] Our “soil” determines our experience in the Kingdom of God.

Invitation: [18:40]
We can work with God & others to enrich our “soil”
Continue to practice Franciscan Reading this week
Ask: “God, how’s my soil? What do you want me to do with it? ”
With others, maybe in Connect Group, share your experience so far.

Discussion Questions
1. Re-read Mark 4 vv1-20 as a group. What’s your reaction to this week’s message and/or passage?
2. How do you feel about Mark 4 vv10-12- Jesus speaking in parables that not everyone can understand? Why do you think he did that?
3. Share your “product” and/or experience from your Franciscan Reading, including experiences with your bag of soil during and since the message. Remember, no judgment of other people’s work! 🙂
4. What parallels can you draw between the idea of enriching physical soil for better plant growth and enriching your spiritual “soil” for a richer relationship with Jesus?
5. How can your group pray for you and your “soil” this week?



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