Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Why does God want us to worship him? [The Art of Following Jesus, pt 8] #worship #celebration

God created us to enjoy life. Yet so many of us just seem stuck in boredom, routine, or worse. But there is a way to enjoy the life we’ve been given even when things are difficult or overwhelming. It’s discovered when we practice the Art of Following Jesus.

Main Points:
[00:37] God wants us to enjoy our lives.
[02:49] We find joy in every day by purposely practicing worship and celebration everyday.
[04:08] Dallas Willard: Worship is to see God as worthy, to ascribe great worth to him.
[06:20] Worship isn’t for God… it’s for us.
[07:45] When we worship we are reminding ourselves of how great, powerful, and loving our Heavenly Father really is.
[08:45] Worship allows us to put our problems in their proper perspective.
[10:36] Celebration is an outpouring of the faith that is developed in our worship.
[13:12] If following Jesus doesn’t lead you to enjoy your life, you’re doing it wrong.
[15:35] A person full of worship and celebration brings joy everywhere they go.
[19:51] True joy comes from seeing how great God is and enjoying how good he has been to us.

Invitation [17:45]
Read Revelation 5 vv11-14
Throughout your day thank God for who he is, what he has done, and is doing.
Choose to enjoy what he has given you.

Discussion Questions:
1. What are some of your favorite things? (Hobbies/Foods/Experiences/Etc)
2. Read Psalm 145. What are some of your favorite things about Jesus?
3. Jon said, “Celebration is an outpouring of the faith that is developed in our worship.” What do you think he meant? How would you state that idea?
4. What are some ways you can purposely worship Jesus this week and celebrate the life he has given you?
5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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