Together #forSalem
Am I trusting Jesus with every part of my life? -- Together #forSalem (Ep 77)

Every part of our life gives us something to fear. This is a dangerous world and there always seems to be something new to be afraid of. We can try to ignore, numb, or control our fear but that only makes things worse. There is a better way. A way that allows us to experience peace and confidence no matter what is coming at us.

Episode Breakdown:
00:45 Quick-fast hello
01:45 Where we go wrong
08:05 The better way to deal with fear
18:45 4 Smaller Steps of Trust
28:10 5ish News-y things
31:15 Qs and Cutz

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▶ Suggested Bible Readings:
John 10:27-29
Romans 8

Music we listened to making this episode:
Diet Cig- The Unforgiven:
Green Day- She:
Josh Garrels- Fear Thou Not:

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▶ Discussion Questions:
1. What’s God doing in your life & world?
2. What’s your reaction to this message that you can “confidently trust Jesus”? Why do you think that is?
3. Read 1 Peter 5:6-7. When do you find it most difficult to trust that God cares for you? What would choosing to confidently trust in those times look like for you?
4. How could this week’s message be applied to some of the fears you are currently wrestling with? How can your group pray for you in this?