Together #forSalem
Here we go... together! (Ep 62)

How is Crosscreek going to be a community that invites our neighbors to discover, enjoy, and share the life Jesus offers… together? The key to all of it is YOU.

Episode Breakdown:
0:30 Hiiieeee
2:30 ‘Here We Go… Together,’ w/ Jon
35:30 GIFs & Winning
39:00 Alwayz Bloopin’

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June 13 #forSalem June Opportunity: Woodmansee Park Day!
June 13, 1-3pm Woodmansee Park in South Salem. Details & RSVP on the web.

▶ Our next Outdoor Party! June 27, 4:30 pm.

#SalemOregon #local Giveaways (Happening on Social Media later this week)
– Enter to win this week: Xicha
– This week’s winner:  Manna Japanese Comfort Food

▶ Suggested Bible Readings:
Romans 12 
1 Corinthians 12:12-31

▶ Additional Resources:
Future Church– Will Mancini and Corey Hartman
Irresistible– Andy Stanley
Crosscreek’s Jesus vs. Religion Series

Music we listened to making this episode:
Now We are Free– 2Cellos
Sleep Now in the Fire– Rage Against the Machine
Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well)- Tori Kelly

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  1. How has God worked in your life and community this week?
  2. What stands out to you most in Crosscreek’s way of being the Church/Ekklesia?  What questions or concerns do you have about this approach? 
  3. Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. What does being “Christ’s ambassador” mean and look like to you?
  4. What’s your next step? How can your group pray for you in that this week?