Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How can I actually be happy? [A Life That *Actually* Works - Sermon on the Mount, pt 1 / 6]

God created us with an innate desire and an incredible capacity to be happy. And so we try to fulfill that desire in hundreds of ways only to come away unsatisfied. True happiness seems so fleeting and constantly fading. But Jesus offers a better way. A way to have a truly happy life that actually works.

Episode Breakdown
00:30 Self-help, books, vacations…
02:00 How can we actually be happy?
03:28 What’s heaven or the kingdom of heaven?
05:23 What’s blessed mean?
07:13 Poor in spirit
09:12 Mourn, meek, hunger
13:10 Merciful
14:20 Pure in heart
14:53 Peacemakers
15:58 Persecuted, insulted…
17:40 Salty and Light + the point of it all
19:30 What happy really is, where are YOU?
22:05 Qs and Updates

Discussion Questions:
1. What tends to make you happy?
2. Which of Jesus’ “blessings” stand out to you most and why? (Matthew 5 vv3-11)
3. Jon said, “We experience a happy life when we experience life in the Kingdom of Heaven.” What do you think it means or looks like to “experience life” this way?
4. Read Matthew 5 vv13-16. What stands out to you? When you read this, what emotions come to the surface? Why do you think that is?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?

Main points:
-God wants you to be happy.
-We try to find happiness by being “more.”
-Happiness is not the result of finding the right MORE but of changing what we are looking for in the first place.
-We experience a happy life when we experience life in the Kingdom of Heaven.
-Those who are seen as less most often see more clearly than others.
-The least are the first to be offered God’s MORE.
-When we experience the happiness of the Kingdom of Heaven, we can’t help but invite more to it.
-We find true lasting and satisfying happiness by becoming more like Jesus.
-The happiness we find in Jesus is the MORE we are all searching for.

Weekly Challenge:
Ask yourself:
1. On a scale of 1-10… Am I happy?
2. What MORE am I hoping will make me happy?




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