Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How to have peace with our past (Real Peace: pt 1/3)

Our pasts have the power to haunt us for the rest of our lives. But shame, guilt, and regret doesn’t have to define us. When we discover God’s true peace we can make peace with our past.

Main Ideas:
[01:03] To experience true peace we have to make peace with our past, present, and future.
[02:05] We usually see peace as the absence of something negative in our lives.
[03:41] The peace of God isn’t the absence of something. It’s the wholeness of his people.
[06:13] Jesus invites us to become something other than our past.
[07:29] Through Jesus we can be more “us” than we’ve ever been.
[08:45] Experiencing real peace is a gift from God.
[12:12] Jesus’ love is greater than anything in our past.
[15:31] In Jesus we are defined by God’s love for us, not our past.
[15:57] We can’t have peace now if we don’t make peace with “then.”
[18:26] When we discover the peace of Jesus we discover peace with our entire story.

[16:06] Address your past.
[16:25] Ask- What brokenness is too strong for Jesus’ love?
[16:38] Accept your new identity: I am not my past. I am a beloved child of God whom he chose to live, die, and rise again for.

Discussion Questions:
1. If the angels were to announce a special message for you today, what do you hope they would say?

2. Read Romans 8 v.1 and 1 John 1 v.9. What are your initial thoughts, questions, or feelings? How do you think these passages relate to this week’s discussion?

3. Jon said, “In Jesus we are defined by God’s love for us, not our past.” On a scale of 1-10 how easy is it for you to accept that idea for yourself? What about for others?

4. What are some steps you can take this week to accept God’s true shalom in your life?

5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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