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Crosscreek Community Church
What is Easter? [Easter 2023]

Easter is so much more than just an annual religious holiday. It’s so much more than a nice story we hear once a year that inspires us to be nice people. The true story of Easter has transformed people’s lives for 2000 years. And it can still transform ours.

Main Points:
[01:37] If we let it, the true story of Easter can change our lives now.
[02:35] When Jesus died everyone expected him to stay dead.
[05:33] What life has done to us can numb us to what God is doing for us.
[06:07] We often don’t recognize Jesus in our lives because we aren’t expecting to see Jesus in our lives.
[07:58] Jesus is always pursuing us.
[09:21] Jesus’ first priority is personal relationship
[11:35] Jesus didn’t rise from the dead to condemn us as sinners, but to restore us as family.
[14:16] Jesus is alive and he is personally seeking you out.
[16:08] Easter proves that God personally sees you and loves you.

Discussion Questions:
1,. Do you have a favorite Easter tradition? What makes it special to you?
2. What makes it difficult to believe God knows, accepts, likes, and loves you? Why do you think that is?
3. Take some time and read John 20 together. What stands out to you?
4. What does it mean to you to “pledge allegiance to Jesus”? What would/does allegiance to Jesus look like in your life?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?



4:30pm on Sundays.
— EASTER EVE April 8, 4:30pm — (no sunday service)

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4:30pm on Sundays



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