Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
You've Got Nothing to Prove [A Life That *Actually* Works - Sermon on the Mount, pt 3 / 6]

We all feel like we need to prove we are worth knowing and loving. But what if there’s nothing to prove? There’s a better way, where we can accept that we are accepted and simply enjoy being who we were made to be. It’s the way that produces a life that actually works.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What ways have you seen people try to prove they are worth knowing and accepting? Why do you think we have this tendency to try to prove something?
  2. What do you tend to use to prove your worth and/or impress God/others/yourself?
  3. Read Colossians 3:23. How could focusing on Jesus in our “whatever we do” change how we view/experience “whatever we do”?
  4. Is there anyone (or group) that you have felt needs to or hasn’t proven themselves enough to deserve your acceptance? What actual steps can you take this week to offer the acceptance which you have been offered?
  5. How can your group pray for you this week?

Main Points:
[02:08] In some way, we all feel we need to prove ourselves to others, ourselves, and God.
[02:56] The moment we accept that we are accepted we stop having to prove anything to anyone.
[04:24] Our motivation for doing good proves who we really are.
[07:55] It doesn’t impress God when other people are impressed with us.
[10:42] God people don’t have to prove who they are… they get to just enjoy being what they are.
[15:42] We don’t have to prove anything to God because he already sees us, knows us, and loves us.
[16:13] When we don’t have to prove anything to God… we don’t have to prove anything to anyone else.
[20:01] We have nothing to prove because Jesus already proved his love for us.

Weekly Challenge [18:00]
Read: Colossians 3 v23
Copy / write that down. Put it somewhere visible for you this week.
Ask: What am I trying to prove? To whom?
Who do I think needs to prove themselves to me?




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