Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How can I help the world? [Mark 6:30-44]

You want to help the world. You want to ease the pain and hurt around you. But is our good really making any difference? The Story of Jesus shows us how to go beyond good intentions and make a real difference in the world.

[00:51] If we’re paying attention, the real world can be overwhelming and exhausting.
[02:14] We can be the change Jesus invites us to be.
[05:09] Our hearts long for what Jesus offers.
[06:56] Compassion is at the core of who Jesus is.
[09:13] Feeling compassion without offering real comfort is pointless pity.
[09:28] In Jesus’ compassion he invites his followers to be the good the world needs.
[11:44] Jesus doesn’t need much from us to do something significant through us.
[13:17] Jesus’ power and compassion go hand in hand.
[14:20] Jesus chooses to display his power and compassion through his followers.
[16:03] Jesus leads us to the good he needs us to be.
[22:46] Jesus invites us to heal the world through his powerful compassion.

INVITATION: Join Jesus in the work he’s prepared for you.
[20:19] This week, once a day, read Ephesians 2 v.10.
[20:34] Ask Jesus, “What do you want me to do?”
[20:54] Take the step to trust him with what you have.

1. What stood out, bothered, confused, or inspired you in this week’s message?
2. Jon said, “Jesus’ power and compassion go hand in hand.”
2.a. Explain what you think he meant.
2.b. How could this change our responses and reactions to the hurt we see in the world?
3. Read Ephesians 2 vv8-10. What words or ideas catch your attention?
4. What might change in your day to day life if you ask Jesus every morning, “What do you want me to do?”
5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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