Together #forSalem
What's a life worth? -- Together #forSalem (Ep 88)

Christmas reminds us that life can be more. There are more than the usual routines we find ourselves mindlessly repeating. In fact, Christmas actually points the way to experiencing the life we long for… the life Jesus offers to everyone.

Episode Breakdown:
01:12 We welcome your Questions
03:40 That LaCroix life
05:07 Something’s missing
08:20 The real life we want
14:20 Are you mad at yourself?
15:25 Possible relief
19:05 Dangerous idea here…
23:00 Recap & for you for later
26:20 Questions and the bonuses

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Notes & Questions:

Ask your “So, what about…?” Questions! or watch last year’s series here:

▶ Upcoming #SalemOregon Gatherings
Christmas Together Gathering! December 19, 2021, 4:30pm

▶ #forSalem DECEMBER Opportunity: Christmas FOR Everyone!
Gifts for Church @ The Park, Simonka Place, CASA, neighbors, friends and strangers. Pick one or do a mix! Find out more at:

▶ Suggested Bible Readings:
Romans 7:19-25, Colossians 1:15-22, John 10:10-18

Music we listened to making this episode:
Foo Fighters- Walk:
Josh Garrels- O Holy Night:
2Cellos- Game of Thrones:

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Discussion Questions
1. How have you experienced flavors of God this week?
2. Sticking with the La Croix/Flavor theme from this message… how would you describe your current life and even relationship with Jesus?
3. Read John 10:10-18. What’s something that stands out to you about your relationship to Jesus?
4. How can your group pray with you through this week of excitement, exhaustion, and/or anticipation of Christmas?